Coastal Vigilante

Book One

Miami Malice

Jake Header is here with a vengeance!

When Jake and the crew pursue a case in the Azores archipelago, they’ll find themselves trying to find a missing teenager. But where is the kidnapped kid? Why was he kidnapped? And who can Jake trust as the web of deceit around the crime stretches clear across the ocean back to Miami? Worse, if Jake doesn’t answer those questions soon, saving the missing child might be the least of his problems.

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Book Two

Miami’s Forgotten

A plague is sweeping across Miami’s homeless, a string of startling overdoses from a new designer drug killing the city’s most helpless people. When one of Jake Header’s friends, a selfless community worker, asks him for help, Jake just can’t turn away from so many in need.

But when Jake and the team find hints of an old enemy behind this wave of drugs, what started out as community service might turn into their most dangerous mission yet.

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Book Three

Inherent Danger

When Jake gets hired to find a missing person, it seems to be a simple humanitarian mission. But when he learns that a lost inheritance is part of the picture, things get deadly as more parties enter the search. Can Jake and his crew find their man, and more importantly, can they save themselves in the process?

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Book Four

Primary Obstruction

When the daughter of an FBI agent is kidnapped from her birthday party, you would think the agency would move heaven and earth to find her. But, when they don’t, this distraught mother turns to the only people she thinks can help: Jake Header and his team. All too eager to help, Header springs into action, but when the FBI seems to be more harm than help as the case progresses, he fears that maybe the agency itself is compromised and that there is more at stake than one girl’s life.

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Book Five

Dark Tidings

An epidemic of fake pharmaceuticals is spreading across Florida from overseas, targeting the needy and the poor with nowhere else to turn. With the help of a sympathetic DEA agent, Header and his team are on the hunt, but when the trail leads to New Orleans, things get sticky when MBLIS New Orleans gets involved and Linda Reyes comes back into Jake’s life. When the sparks and bullets start flying, can the two teams stop butting heads long enough to bring the drug ring to justice?

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Book Six

Relic Hunter

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Book Seven

Cat & Mouse

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Book Eight

Master Stroke

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Book Nine

The Whistleblower

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Book Ten

Cutting Edge

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Book Eleven

Patent Protection

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Book Twelve

I Owe You

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Book Thirteen

For Show

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