Book Series

Back in his day, Ethan Marston was the best of the best when it came to taking down the worst of the worst in Miami. Now though? Well, he’s just a humble bar owner with a story to tell, a girl to save, and a few drinks to make… or is he?

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Coastal Fury

When the Coast Guard sends Linda Reyes to the tropical island of Puerto Rico, she is immediately thrown into a world of drug busts and high-speed pursuits. It is all danger and excitement, but it turns to frustration when Command restricts Linda from going after the source of the drugs, a new player in Colombia’s drug cartels.

But Linda has an old friend who can help: Jake Header, an ex-Navy Seal and leader of a covert team that works outside the law. Together, Linda and Jake just might be able to stop the influx of drugs, if they live long enough!

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Coastal Defender

Kyle Davis was the best agent at MBLIS Hawaii, at least, he was until he retired. Now? Now he’s just hoping to run his own woodworking shop. Or, at least, that would be the plan if the Hawaiian islands weren’t torn apart by a gang war.

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Coastal Rumble

Jake Header is back with a vengeance! When Jake and the crew pursue a case in the Azores archipelago, they’ll find themselves trying to find a missing teenager. But where is the kidnapped kid? Why was he kidnapped? And who can Jake trust as
the web of deceit around the crime stretches clear across the ocean back to Miami? Worse, if Jake doesn’t answer those questions soon, saving the missing child might be the least of his problems.

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Coastal Vigilante

When a man is discovered mauled to death by a wild animal in his Las Vegas apartment, it leads Agent Charlie Hill of MBLIS Las Vegas upon a plot to ship endangered animals all around the world. The trail of clues leads across the country and over the ocean, but with lives on the line, Charlie will go any distance and go to any lengths to stop these cruel smugglers…

Even if it means bringing down the entire country of Greece to do it.

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What Happens in Vegas

When Agent Jace Greyson found himself assigned to the new MBLIS branch in New Orleans, he didn’t foresee getting wrapped up in a case of theft. However, when the wife of a foreign national is found dead and a necklace worth millions missing, MBLIS is called in to find the necklace and the murderer.

But as the chase twists and turns and more thefts pile up, Greyson and the team step up their game before more dead bodies litter the sides of this treasure hunt.

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Crescent City Crimes

After fighting the good fight as part of Jake Header’s team, Angie and Hawthorne’s lives take a fresh turn as agents of MBLIS New York. But they have little time to adapt to their new careers when an urgent case comes in. A murdered professor leads to organized crime, theft, and a mystery that leads to ancient artifacts taken from Italy.

When all roads lead to Rome, the couple split up to pursue the case across the world, but danger and deceit lurk around every turn, and the question becomes not whether they will catch the culprits, but whether they’ll survive to tell the tale!

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Coastal Liberty